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The Lies That Bind The Biblio Files

Since we were young, my cousin Kaitlyn and I have always bonded over books (and the St. Louis Blues of course). And there's been one author who has captured our hearts time and time again and who is usually at the forefront of our literary conversations: Emily Giffin. So when Giffin's latest book, "The Lies That Bind" was released earlier this year, I knew Kaitlyn would have to join me on "The Biblio Files" to break it down.  In this latest episode, she and I chat about Giffin's amazing and relatable characters; how she brought 9/11 into her fictional tale in such a sensitive yet powerful way; and how her writing has matured and improved over the years. (Yes, somehow it's possible to keep getting better when you are already so good.) We even make the claim that "The Lies That Bind" has set a new Giffin standard. And yes, we fangirled … hard. We left our love for Emily Giffin on this recording, and we are not afraid to admit it. Check it out now! — Support this podcast:
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