2020 Resolutions

Resolutions definitely guided my reading choices in 2019. Even if I didn’t fully succeed, I was at least conscious of them while picking out some of the books I read. I’d like to keep on this resolution road because it’s changed my mind about memoirs, forced me to think about diversity when choosing authors, and influenced me to dabble in other genres. (I’d also be remiss if I didn’t give resolution-making the credit for five straight years of flossing every day.)

This year, though, rather than thinking about the types of books I want to read, I’m focusing my resolutions on my baby, Big Little Literature. My greatest joy is sharing my thoughts and feelings about books with you all, so for 2020, I want to think of new ways (and revisit some old ones) on how to grow our community and improve the BLL experience. Check out my 2020 resolutions below.

2020 Books

Continue increasing the diversity of authors I read

Before I fully dive into the blog ventures for the year, I want to hold myself accountable for promoting diversity. In 2020, I vow to keep books written by white women under 50%. For two years in a row, this group of writers has held the BLL majority; I will do my best to be more inclusive of the authors and themes I read. Keep me honest, crew!

Interview more authors

I’ve had the great fortune of interviewing three authors in two years because of this blog. (Thanks, Anna Pitoniak, Stephanie Dray, and Richard Roper!) And many of you love to hear what they have to say; therefore, I’m aiming to give you three more author Q&As this year. I can’t wait to see who they will be.

Emily Giffin

Meeting Emily with my friend Hilary in 2018 was a dream come true. I’d love to speak with more authors this year.

Write more Extra Extra series and introduce a new one

To diversify the BLL content, I’ve tried to provide more than just book reviews. Although they are the backbone of this beautiful site, I believe my readers want to see more, which is why I’ve started the series Storied, Ranked, Shop ‘Til You Drop, Author Q&A, Toe to Toe, and Critique. In addition to writing more of these posts, I’d like to introduce a new one in 2020. And if you think this means I no longer want guest reviewers, you couldn’t be more wrong — send me your reviews now!


Look at some of the beautiful places I traveled to in 2019; these cities’ and towns’ bookstores were captured in my “Shop ‘Til You Drop” series.

Start a new project

In 2019, I started “The Book Nook Stories,” short clips that I record in my own little book nook and post to Instagram in conjunction with my reviews. These have been a lot of fun, though also challenging as I’ve realized I’m not a natural on camera. This new project, which will continue in the new year, has inspired another idea.

It’s already in the works and varies from the blog a bit, but within the next month I hope to launch something new to share with you guys. Stay tuned for important deets comin’ at ya soon!

Do you have ideas for what you’d like to see on Big Little Literature? Drop me a note!


6 thoughts on “2020 Resolutions

  1. I’ve always wanted to re- read books that they made me read in school such as Huckleberry Finn, Where the Red Ferns Grow, or To Kill a Mockingbird


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