Shop ‘Til You Drop: Sag Harbor

There’s nothing like weekend getaways to quaint beach towns. I can so easily get lost in the quiet stillness and the views these places have to offer, and they’re the perfect escape from life in the city.

Enter: Sag Harbor, New York.

I’ve only ventured to the Hamptons one other time in my life. (Thanks to my BFF for taking me as her plus one to a work event four years ago.) So I was ecstatic to break away from home the last weekend in September to visit what I’d heard was one of the cutest spots in the region. And the reviews proved to be right. Sag Harbor was beautiful and cozy and everything I was looking for in a small beach town. I can’t say I expected to step into bookstores, but I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon two that gave me all the literary feels. They were definitely a highlight of a fantastic trip.

Sag Harbor
The view from our dinner at The Beacon.

If you’re looking for …

… the cutest place on Earth, stroll down to Berry & Co.

Formerly known as Harbor Books, Berry & Co. recently reopened one street over from its original home. I never saw what Harbor Books looked like, but I cannot imagine it was more adorable than this place. Located at the top of a staircase lined with flowers, Berry & Co. has the reading patio of all our dreams.

While it doesn’t have the largest selection you’ll ever see at a bookstore, it contains everything you need. From the hottest reads on the lists to your favorite classics, you won’t have trouble picking out a solid read (or two or three or four). There’s also a great kids section to preoccupy the youngsters, and you can pick up tea and other essentials to make your home even homier.

Before you make the short ascent, though, it’s an imperative that you stop at Sag Harbor Baking Company (featured in Goop) for some bomb pastries and desserts and at Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee, which are both located below Berry & Co. They will complement the many books you’re about to buy as you relax on the deck and satisfy your inner bibliophile.

If it sounds like I’m obsessed with Berry & Co., that’s because I am.

51 Division St.

… a hot spot that lives up to its hype, mosey over to Sag Harbor Books.

I say mosey because that’s the only way to walk in Sag Harbor. Speed and urgency should be left at the highway.

I know I seem infatuated with Berry & Co., but Sag Harbor Books gives it a serious run for its money. Larger than its competitor, Sag Harbor Books won’t leave you empty-handed. It has a very large selection of fiction and nonfiction, and its children’s section cannot be rivaled. If I lived near it as a kid, I probably would have spent all my time there.

It also has a ton of recs from the staff — who are very kind and helpful — and great coffee-table reads. Lastly, if you’re up for spending some solid cash, this place contains many rare finds, first editions, and collectibles that range from the low hundreds to a couple grand. It’s sort of like a book-lover’s fantasy all wrapped up into a Main Street bow. The best part is that it’s open well into the evening. So head to dinner early because of hard-to-get tables at the renowned restaurants and end your night with a stop at Sag Harbor Books. Talk about a night cap.

7 Main St.


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